Welcome To My World

It's the only one I've got!

Where I Have Been Published


Two poems, titled, Absolutely" and "Against A Weight Unseen" published in their first and second volumes.


Shortlisted in their non fiction category for my story, "Learning To Be Cold".


My non fiction story, "How I Bought My First Car", published in their 2010 anthology, The Coffee Shop Chronicles, Oh, The Places I have Bean, Vol.1 in 2010. ISBN 978-0-9843064-2-8.

My poem, "Diagnosis", was published in the anthology, Stars In Our Hearts, in 2012. ISBN 978-1-61936-030-3.

My non fiction story, "Jack Remembered", published in Spruce Mountain Press' anthology, Heartscapes True Stories of Remembered Love, in 2012. ISBN 978-0-9851409-0-8.

You can find some of my writing at www.writerscafe.com 


A Little Bit About Me

    I was born 58 years ago, in Tulsa, Ok. I didn't come into this world alone! Thankfully, I have a twin sister, Sue who has that special, "twin place", in my heart. I, also, have a sister, Janie and brothers, Lee and Brian. When my sisters and I get together, there is a lot of laughter!

I was born a tomboy, with all the frustrations that entailed, being brought up in the fifties and early sixties. I wasn't allowed to do many of the activities that I wanted to do, simply because I was born female. I wish I had a nickle, for every time I was told, "You can't, because you're a girl!"

I have two grown children and four grandchildren, ranging in age from 8 to 21 years old. My last job was working for the U.S. Postal Service, as a postal clerk. An on the job injury in 1986, put an end to working. It brought the beginning of many surgeries on my back and the task of learning to live with chronic pain. Add to that the fractured neck I experienced in 1997 and more pain I learned to live with. I find, "learning to live with", an odd way of saying it. What else are you going to do, if you don't kill yourself? It's not like you have a whole lot of other options.

So, I have had seventeen surgeries and I'll pass on anymore, thank you very much! My spirit can't seem to grasp the fact that I am disabled but, when I over-do it, my body always reminds me. I try not to call my body a traitor, as I fear I will piss it off and it will throw another physical problem at me, so let's just say we seem to be at some kind of truce, at this point in time. 

IF, I weren't disabled, this is where I would tell you that I love to play softball, bowl, water ski, ride motorcycles in the desert, ride roller coasters. run marathons, lift weights and sky dive. Well, scratch the sky diving, I wouldn't do that, except, possibly, on a dare. But, since my neck is held together with plates and screws and there are screws in my lower back, I can't do those activities, anymore.

However, I do love to write. I've written poetry, essays, a few short stories and several e-magazine articles.  I love spending time with my kids and grandkids and my significant other, Tom. To have met such a man as Tom, when I am disabled and have scars on this body and not in the best physical shape, proves to me, there is a God. I do need a keeper and he is the sweetest, best keeper I could ever have. As well as losing my physical abilities, I seem to be losing my memory, too and Tom is instrumental in seeing that I remember where I put my mind, when I lose it. God bless you, Tom! I've loved you since I set eyes on you, uh, hhmmm, well, you know how may years its been!