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Birthday Celebration Time

Posted on March 6, 2013 at 4:40 AM

March 6th-it's our birthday! My twin sister and I are the ripe old age of 61. I am so glad we are celebrating it together!

A lot of people have to search for a best friend-I was fortunate; mine was born along side of me! We "get" each other and most of the time, not a  lot of words are needed between us. A certain look or laugh can say so much to each other.

Though my twin has a terminal illness, she ran circles around me last week. We went shopping several times, she has many projects planned or is bouncing ideas off me for other plans.We watch home remodeling shows and real estate shows, where families are searching too buy a home. We have a running commentary on our likes and dislikes and which homes we think they should buy. We make lunch and eat sweets. We talk of the happy and sad things going on in our children's and grandchildren's lives.

In the afternoon, she'll grab the couch and I'll grab the loveseat and we will take an afternoon nap Her poor husband comes home from work and tippy toes around us, til we wake up. I'm loving our time together.

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